Tucker on the Orient Express

Tucker Carlson has left Fox. Arguably the network’s biggest star, the ouster has yet to be explained. But the situation is a little like a murder mystery – there are plenty of suspects and lots of reasons. Speculation that Carlson was too big for his boots. Perhaps Rupert Murdoch needed to assure shareholders that they were making changes after the massive payout in their Dominion defamation suit. Some even said noted that Rupert Murdoch’s ex-fiancé was a Tucker fan and a very vocal about her newly found evangelical faith (he broke off the engagement). At any rate we suspect he’ll find an audience wherever he goes next. 

Also in the mix was a keynote speech Carlson gave at the Heritage Foundation a few days before his final show. He told the audience about his recent epiphany that the war we’re in is spiritual, which may not be music to the ears of the higher-ups at Fox. He encouraged his listeners to speak truth and realize that marshaling more facts will not help us in an argument where all the definitions have changed. “I’ve tried. That doesn’t work…Maybe we should all take just 10 minutes a day to say a prayer about it”, he said. “I don’t pray enough for the country, and I should, but the answer is to include the country in your prayers.” Fine advice.

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