They’re Here

“I assure you that we will soon have our fifth column in Madrid—unnoticed, unidentified, and active.” – General Emilio Mola, Nationalist general of the 1930’s Spanish Civil War. 

Their food is adrenal secretion. It is a hunger that is insatiable. It is you they crave. Your anxiety they lust for. The psychotic projection of their lies into your rotten fruit is the aroma of ambrosia to them.

These are the demons. These are the aliens now bound to the pillars of this earth, soon enough rolled up like an old scroll and hurled into the fire. These are the illuminati who deny that they are the man behind the screen, yet it is behind the screen that they lurk, waiting for you to see it, lurking for you to find it. 

Bam! The lie is placed. It is well timed. Their only agenda, the rise of your blood pressure which triggers the glandular system to secrete that which for them is divination, your worship of their image which is godless fear. 

Fight back. 

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Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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