It’s you. It’s me.

It’s important, right now, that I stop writing about what I think you want to hear and start writing what I actually think. 

It’s not exactly that I’ve been lying to you. It’s just that I’ve been holding back.

You see, I’m afraid of you. 

Really. I am. 

I suffer from a tremendous fear of other people. Nothing is quite as painful to me as prolonged, unexpected eye contact. I am conflict avoidant in my behavior, always preferring to settle and submit for the sake of perceived peace. 

The net result has been many, many years of a publicly performing but very incomplete me. 

As Jesus Christ lives, I will at least be whole today. This is what I needed to write about today. This is what I need to say to the world. 

There’s a lot more where that came from. Deo Volente, I won’t be holding back anymore. It is for freedom Christ has set us free.

…Which is why I am excited to announce that good things are afoot here at MadPX. Not only are we almost ready to make that long hope-for leap into something a bit more than a newsletter, but we’re also looking to bring on another volunteer staff member to work with Frisby, myself and the rest of the MadPX network. We are immediately seeking to fill the roll of Backend Content Manager for Mad Christian Mondays. This position will report directly to Frisby the Hand, and will play an essential role in the development and release of more Mad Christian content. If you have computer software and/or engineering know-how, or are just willing to learn, reach out at

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,

The Mad Christian

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