Life craft

Did you catch Stop the White Noise this week? The Mad Christian and Meridith got discussing how their love of Scripture and creativity had recently converged. Decorating a home with Bible-inspired art is a great way to fill your day with the word of God.

Well, not only is dwelling on the word of God good for your soul, it turns out arts and crafts are good for you too! And according to Alexa Mikhail at Fortune, it’s not just for kids and seniors. Engaging in creative arts gets the blood flowing to the brain and can be as helpful as a good night’s sleep. “In fact, 20 minutes of any art form can improve mood and lower cortisol or stress levels. You can work up to doing the 20 minutes on a more frequent basis.”

You don’t have to be a Rembrandt to glean the benefit. Hum, doodle, knit, dance, whittle, sing a hymn, write poetry or paint. Mikhail notes that “optimizing for productivity” is not making us happier. “We used to sing and dance.”

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