Pro-life albatross

After the jubilant and hard-won victory of the Dobbs decision, which allowed states to rule in favor of unborn humans, the conservative side of politics is finding itself in unfamiliar terrain. Writing at Daily Caller, Grayson Quay lays out the quandary facing Republicans: “Ease up on abortion, or go all-in on a (probably futile) bid for minority rule.”

After a number of state-level pro-life measures and candidates failed, even in very red states like Kansas, the GOP seems conflicted about what to do next. Quay writes that for many Republicans, handing abortion back to the states seems to be as far as they are willing to go. “If the Republican Party continues on this trajectory, the result will be nothing less than the total expulsion of pro-lifers from mainstream American politics.”

Although Quay adopts quite a bleak tone when it comes to abortion as a “live political issue”, he does point out that regardless of what happens on Capitol Hill, we can still “run crisis pregnancy centers, adopt unwanted babies, donate to registries for mothers in need, pray, and protest outside abortion clinics.” Politicians have a track record of letting us down, so we must keep doing the work, changing hearts and minds, as they say. “Once you’ve really internalized the belief that abortion kills a baby, you can’t stop. Ever.”

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