One direction only

Sadly, we must keep returning to the issue of gender confusion and its demonic enablers. While Democrats in various states want health insurance companies to cover transgender procedures, they are refusing to extend the same accomodations to de-transitioners. Oregon Dems would not allow any amendment to their Bill, even when presented with evidence that as many as 30% of people who transition regret their decision.

In Texas, Democrats worked hard to waste everyone’s time, so the Bill to help those who are wanting to rebuild after physical mutilation and hormone treatments never reached the vote. On a separate Bill which would raise the age of transitioning to 18, one solitary Democrat, Rep. Shawn Thierry voted with Republicans, her speech on the floorchallenging party colleagues to do an honest appraisal of their talking points. 

But even as many countries in Europe are realising the horror that the transgender industry wreaks on children, America seems to be barreling headlong into the abyss. While Big Pharma are pushing to create lifelong customers tied to their expensive medical regimens, insurance actuaries might slow their roll a little. One Australian insurance company just pulled back its coverage for any doctor if they are sued for malpractice after performing transgender procedures. Maybe they can finally see the damage and realize it is not worth the risk. 

But it has to start with facing the truth. As one Oregon Representative tweeted, to acknowledge the existence of de-transitioners is the first wobble in the “gender identity house of cards”. God grant that more eyes will be open!

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