Weaving a tangled web

Last week saw the long-awaited publishing of a report from Special Counsel John Durham. The document concludes a three year investigation into “matters related to intelligence activities and investigations arising out of the 2016 presidential campaigns” of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The report focused on the FBI bias in its treatment of the two candidate’s races. 

The report has proved to be a strange Rorschach test for our media and political punditry. The bulk of corporate news and left-wing commentary insisted the report was all old news and achieved nothing except to advise the FBI to lift its game. The right-wing saw in the report proof that intelligence agencies are dangerously political and that SC Durham has uncovered something more shocking than Watergate. 

Here’s some reporting by journalists who we believe have proven to be measured in their writing on this subject:

– Eli Lake says the FBI gave preferential treatment to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, even as they knew she was the originator of the Russia collusion narrative. 

– Margot Cleveland wrote that the FBI’s investigation into Donald Trump was unjustified, as was the use of FISA warrants. Both were based on false or flimsy information, stove-piped straight to the White House and the Clinton campaign. 

– And somewhat surprisingly, The Washington Post ran an opinion piece which blasts the media for being complicit. “Durham’s report outlines stunning abuses of power. That so many journalists don’t get it underscores why public trust in the media is at an all-time low.”

– Just the News ran a list of important takeaways.

While the top brass at the FBI insist that they’ve already made changes for the better since 2016, SC Durham wrote that his recommendations would be fruitless unless the Bureau recruits agents who are of high moral character and dedicated to protecting Americans. 

From Ruby Ridge to Watergate and Waco, the targeting of pro-life citizens and Catholics, to that time when they blew up a city block in Philadelphia, it is understandable why Americans are suspicious of the intelligence apparatus. Perhaps it is time to defund the FBI and start over. 

Proverbs 12 says that truthful lips shall be established forever, but lying tongues are but for a moment. While we should always pray for just leaders and men of integrity to be raised up to positions of power, there is no guarantee that every liar will face justice in this life. However a day is coming when every tongue will confess Christ is Lord. And that is enough. 

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