Pro-life albatross

After the jubilant and hard-won victory of the Dobbs decision, which allowed states to rule in favor of unborn humans, the conservative side of politics is finding itself in unfamiliar terrain. Writing at Daily Caller, Grayson Quay lays out the quandary facing Republicans: “Ease up on abortion, or go all-in on a (probably futile) bid for minority rule.” After a… Read More Pro-life albatross

Life craft

Did you catch Stop the White Noise this week? The Mad Christian and Meridith got discussing how their love of Scripture and creativity had recently converged. Decorating a home with Bible-inspired art is a great way to fill your day with the word of God. Well, not only is dwelling on the word of God good for… Read More Life craft

By hand

Who would have thought that reading about handwriting could be so enjoyable? Lexicographer Neil Serven writes about how handwriting has changed over his lifetime, with pencils and pens giving way to keyboards and touchscreens.  “They say, handwriting is going the way of the dodo. I don’t think that’s precisely true—it sounds like one of those lazy assumptions… Read More By hand

They’re Here

“I assure you that we will soon have our fifth column in Madrid—unnoticed, unidentified, and active.” – General Emilio Mola, Nationalist general of the 1930’s Spanish Civil War.  Their food is adrenal secretion. It is a hunger that is insatiable. It is you they crave. Your anxiety they lust for. The psychotic projection of their… Read More They’re Here


The African nation of Sudan is in the news as a struggle between warring generals saw violence on the streets of Khartoum. The conflict has left hundreds dead, and a number of countries have evacuated their embassies during a brief ceasefire. While the feuding factions of the military government are receiving all the attention, a number of… Read More Sudan

Israel at 75

Last week, Israel celebrated 75 years since its formation, with many Israelis jubilant about what the country has achieved in those few years. From the early decades of socialistgovernment to the present day, modern Israel has been through a lot.  A lot of Western corporate media sounded alarmed, warning that Israel stands at “perilous crossroads“. Protests in Tel Aviv have dragged… Read More Israel at 75