“Experts say

Don’t let the fact that it has no God fool you. Technocracy is a religion. Technocracy is the “science” of social engineering, the economy of the future by the dissolution of the politics of the past. It is the intentional replacement of the nation-state with a new world order in which yesterday’s politicians are subservient… Read More “Experts say


I recently heard someone say that the following six things matter more than anything else right now: Parents’ rights Medical freedom Secure borders Election integrity Energy independence Freedom of speech on the internet Which of these is a spiritual issue, and which of them is not? Which ones matter to Christians because we are Christians,… Read More Silence


I don’t want to believe that the global elites are cruel enough to engineer a mass population decrease in the name of saving the planet. It’s just getting harder and harder for me to only believe what I want to believe. If you study the transhumanist spirit, if you listen to the environmentalist “Wolf!” crying,… Read More Depopulation

Needful things

What will you sacrifice in order to preserve what you think you will need? What do you need that you believe you cannot sacrifice? Vulnerability is risk exposure. What if there is no risk? He is risen. Till angel cry and trumpet sound,The Mad Christian

Stop coasting

You cannot talk about defending the free world when your own government is occupied by globalist usurpers. The harsh reality is that revolutionary economic collapse, the furtherance of enforced pariah status of your ideals, and the looming demographic catastrophe brought on by experimental “therapeutic” genetic engineering are all something considerably more than “conspiracy theories.” Abuse… Read More Stop coasting