Dinner music

Can music the way food and drink tastes? According to new data, the answer is Yes! Airlines were the first to recognize that “air pressure, humidity levels, and cabin noise” have an effect on our sense of taste.” But leaders in the field of “sonic studies” found that “certain sounds are implicitly associated with particular food… Read More Dinner music

Life craft

Did you catch Stop the White Noise this week? The Mad Christian and Meridith got discussing how their love of Scripture and creativity had recently converged. Decorating a home with Bible-inspired art is a great way to fill your day with the word of God. Well, not only is dwelling on the word of God good for… Read More Life craft

By hand

Who would have thought that reading about handwriting could be so enjoyable? Lexicographer Neil Serven writes about how handwriting has changed over his lifetime, with pencils and pens giving way to keyboards and touchscreens.  “They say, handwriting is going the way of the dodo. I don’t think that’s precisely true—it sounds like one of those lazy assumptions… Read More By hand

Unacceptable views

Musician Neil Young went to bat for what he believes telling Spotify to pick between hosting his music or Joe Rogan’s podcast. Young is upset that the streaming platform lets Rogan interview whomever he likes and is complicit in spreading the dreaded “Misinformation.” The head of the WHO thanked Young for standing up for science. But Spotify backed Rogan whose podcast has… Read More Unacceptable views

You can’t handle the truth

“The Science” is at it again… Nature has reported that evolutionary biologists are trying to find genetic clues as to why homosexuality exists. Homosexuality is an evolutionary paradox, in that it is barren by design and doesn’t belong in a “survival of the fittest” view of evolution. Although every study that has set out to prove that “gayness” is an… Read More You can’t handle the truth

On the Clock

Anyone who was tuned into Rev Fisk in the twilight months of Life Before Covid, will remember his love/hate relationship with clocks. Joe Zadeh, the writer of a fascinating and philosophical piece for Noema seems to have read the Mad Christian’s mind. Zadeh wanders far and wide with his exploration of how time became “tyrannical”, arguing that a tool… Read More On the Clock

Welcome to Everywhere

Coby Lefkowitz wrote an interesting essay for Medium, asking “why everywhere looks the same.” He documents the way modern housing developments have a particular homogeneity to them. He writes that this cut-and-paste method of building means you can see pretty similar apartment blocks in Tampa or in Fargo. Lefkowitz summarizes the reasons for the trend of recycling building designs… Read More Welcome to Everywhere