Collision course

Target may well be having a Bud Light moment, as angry parents and child advocates let the company know what they thought of its range of “pride” clothing. Parents took to social media to point out that women’s swimsuits with “extra crotch room” (let the reader understand) were prominently on display. Target (and all the factcheckers) responded that these… Read More Collision course

Weaving a tangled web

Last week saw the long-awaited publishing of a report from Special Counsel John Durham. The document concludes a three year investigation into “matters related to intelligence activities and investigations arising out of the 2016 presidential campaigns” of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The report focused on the FBI bias in its treatment of the two candidate’s races. … Read More Weaving a tangled web

State of fear

The pandemic really was a weird time. Do you remember “Scary Poppins,” the all-singing, all-dancing head of the proposed disinformation department? Her mission was to stop people saying wrong things about covid-19 and replace that with government-approved messaging. Well, after a whole lot of backlash, the plan was shelved. (Sort of..) But the fact that the… Read More State of fear

Pro-life albatross

After the jubilant and hard-won victory of the Dobbs decision, which allowed states to rule in favor of unborn humans, the conservative side of politics is finding itself in unfamiliar terrain. Writing at Daily Caller, Grayson Quay lays out the quandary facing Republicans: “Ease up on abortion, or go all-in on a (probably futile) bid for minority rule.” After a… Read More Pro-life albatross


The African nation of Sudan is in the news as a struggle between warring generals saw violence on the streets of Khartoum. The conflict has left hundreds dead, and a number of countries have evacuated their embassies during a brief ceasefire. While the feuding factions of the military government are receiving all the attention, a number of… Read More Sudan

Israel at 75

Last week, Israel celebrated 75 years since its formation, with many Israelis jubilant about what the country has achieved in those few years. From the early decades of socialistgovernment to the present day, modern Israel has been through a lot.  A lot of Western corporate media sounded alarmed, warning that Israel stands at “perilous crossroads“. Protests in Tel Aviv have dragged… Read More Israel at 75

Double danger

YouTube announced last week that it will be updating its policies to deal with content about eating disorders. They promised to take a nuanced approach, acknowledging that “a video about a creator’s eating disorder recovery journey can help” others. But content that “features imitable behavior, or behavior that we worked with experts to determine can lead at-risk… Read More Double danger

My first veto

President Biden made his first presidential veto last week, denying a GOP-sponsored bill. Republican lawmakers sought to cement Trump-era changes to how retirement funds can be invested. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974 was introduced to keep fund managers accountable, requiring that maximizing financial returns be the main criteria for investments. The ERISA… Read More My first veto