Trickle-down cruelty

The rampant “trickle-down cruelty” has been affecting our smallest neighbors, as Mad Monday readers will be aware. A Florida speech clinic claims to have seen a massive increase in toddler speech delay, which they believe to be attributable to mask-wearing.  A video out of Canada seems more disturbing with each viewing. Children appearing on a television show say the uninoculated should be… Read More Trickle-down cruelty

Your package is in transit…still

Politico says that FedEx is asking the FAA whether they can out fit some of their delivery planes with missile defense systems, making it safer for them to fly over disputed territory. It might not be such an outlandish request, as The Drive noted a mysterious halt to air traffic in the Western US last week. Aviation authorities have not confirmed whether… Read More Your package is in transit…still

Blind spots

President Biden repeated his mantra that COVID is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. Whether he truly believes that or is using fear as a way of controlling people’s behavior is not clear. However, the amount of changes in messaging lately makes us wonder. During hearings for arguments against the President’s vaccine mandate, Justice Sotomayor made the wild claim that 100,000… Read More Blind spots

Trouble in Turkey

Turkey is feeling the pinch of inflation, with the lira losing almost 50% of its value last year. President Erdogan tinkered with things and it helped briefly, but prices are rising. A government move to make bread more affordable has backfired, and a state-run energy agency has raised its prices by 125% according to Daily Wire. After cracking down on cryptocurrency, President Erdogan’s… Read More Trouble in Turkey


The battle over ivermectin is continuing. A judge is holding a Virginia hospital in contempt of court for withholding ivermectin from a ventilated patient, against her family wishes. Epoch Times is reporting that a New Jersey woman died after hospital refused to give ivermectin secured by her husband. The point is not that ivermectin is a silver bullet— it seems that… Read More Alt-COVID

Do try to keep up

New record inflation is giving pause to the Democrats’ plan to spend lots of money. Not the Bee noticed that Twitter was doing its darndest to distract from reality, but the toothpaste is out of the tube. When Leftist media start reporting that inflation hurts people and is racist, you know the tide has turned! President Biden has withdrawn Saule Omarova as his pick for a Treasury… Read More Do try to keep up

All rise

The SCOTUS has a lot on its plate. The court handed down opinion on Texas abortion law, allowing the ban to stand, but giving room for challengers to bring lawsuits against it. While the ruling is not a clear win for life, a Mississippi abortion ban case, also before the Court, will test Roe vs Wade more directly.  The Daily Signal… Read More All rise

Clean sweep

The political wrangling related to January 6th riots at the Capitol continues, with members of the Trump administration coming under fire. Former White House chief-of-staff, Mark Meadows, agreed to cooperate with the Select Committee appointed to investigate events of the day. However, he is now suing Speaker Pelosi saying the hearing has become a “witch hunt”. He’s not… Read More Clean sweep