Arrows in the hand of a warrior

Mad Mondays readers are well aware of the pitfalls in America’s education system. Two years of remote learning have revealed many problems that were flying under the radar. Parents are more aware of what is going on inside their children’s classrooms and are more willing to fight for what they believe.  But Progressives, especially in the academy, continue… Read More Arrows in the hand of a warrior

The only way to win is not to play

News came this week that Democrats want to prioritize grants to programs that will teach Critical Theory in schools. The Marxist ideology seeks to redress inequality by dividing society into arbitrary levels of victimhood. While the Trump administration highlighted the ways Critical Theory is dangerous, fomenting contempt for country and breeding distrust, Bari Weiss wrote recently that in elite… Read More The only way to win is not to play

Sex. Drugs. And CU Portland.

Concordia Portland’s outgoing Schlimpert has a long of history of looking the other way. The same week that the House passed the baby-sacrificing “Equality Act,” further entrenching groundwork for trans-education coming soon in a preschool near you, Charles Schlimpert, retiring President of now-liquidating Concordia University, Portland, (one of several Universities of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod… Read More Sex. Drugs. And CU Portland.