Canned revival

Sardines, a working-class “stalwart,” are having something of a “revival” according to Taste magazine. Apparently young wealthy folks and posh restaurants are elevating them to “superfood” status and people can’t get enough of them. We all know the Mad Christian did it before it was cool.. Speaking of things in tins…The Hustle reports that home canning (and bottling, to be fair)… Read More Canned revival

Half-life diet

Transgenerational epigenetics: A new mouse study suggests that what parents eat, drink and breathe may affect health outcomes for several generations. To caffeine… Coffee doesn’t give you energy, but rather borrows it by staving out the drowsy feelings. Which explains the 3:30pm payback.  One reporter decided to follow Nancy Pelosi’s diet for a week. According to Insider, the former Speaker eats like… Read More Half-life diet


An interesting article from UnHerd challenges the claims of “Big Veganism” and highlights the threat associated with a plant-based future for food production. The push for non-meat and lab-made proteins has come about under the guise of feeding the world’s growing population and fears of climate change.  However, writer John Lewis-Stempel says the problem isn’t lack of food but food waste and distribution.… Read More Beef-surrogate

Shreds of evidence

More information about COVID-19 vaccines is coming to light. Last week, the Journal of the American Medical Association printed the results of a small study showing that breast milk from “lactating individuals” (you may know them as “mothers”) contained trace amounts of mRNA. Although the sample was small, the assurance that the vaccines did not travel through breast milk was also extrapolated from just a… Read More Shreds of evidence