Mail-order death

The fight against abortion will never be done, as Mad Christians know well. The FDA last week scrapped the “in-person” requirement for purchasing abortion pills. This means abortion drugs can be sent by mail. The dangers of “medical abortion” to mothers are well-documented but downplayed by the Abortion Industrial Complex. “Self-managed” abortions account for 40% of abortions according to the CDC.… Read More Mail-order death

Missing links

While we are speaking about abortion, The Ruth Institute’s Jennifer Roeback Morse interviewed Angela Lanfranchi, who is a breast cancer surgeon. Lanfranchi is convinced of the link between abortion, contraceptive pills and breast cancer. She is accutely aware of the eye-rolls such claims are generally met with, but if you are curious, check out her evidence and weigh… Read More Missing links

It’s life, but not as they know it

Protests over Texas’ efforts to protect unborn humans were held last week, with Senator Susan Collins calling the restrictions on abortion “inhumane.”  The white noise is so full of this kind of language that people are inoculated against the stomach-turning idea that it is. Yet, this is where we are— killing babies is seen as humane. But while convenience is the order… Read More It’s life, but not as they know it

Deep in the heart of Texas

Pro-abortion activists are not taking pro-life legislation in Texas very well at all. Corporations were quick to show their support for “women’s health,” pledging to pay legal fees for anyone found violating the law. The Department of Justice has also announced that it is suing Texas for violating constitutional rights.  The usual absurdities arose from Twitter’s death eaters, with… Read More Deep in the heart of Texas

For the win

You could hardly have missed the news this week that Texas signed into law a “heartbeat bill,” effectively banning abortion in that state. Well, it went over as you might expect, with pro-abortion advocates losing their minds.  Some said the quiet bit out loud— if you ban abortions, there will be more Downs Syndrome babies born, not to mention more black and brown… Read More For the win