Collision course

Target may well be having a Bud Light moment, as angry parents and child advocates let the company know what they thought of its range of “pride” clothing. Parents took to social media to point out that women’s swimsuits with “extra crotch room” (let the reader understand) were prominently on display. Target (and all the factcheckers) responded that these… Read More Collision course

One direction only

Sadly, we must keep returning to the issue of gender confusion and its demonic enablers. While Democrats in various states want health insurance companies to cover transgender procedures, they are refusing to extend the same accomodations to de-transitioners. Oregon Dems would not allow any amendment to their Bill, even when presented with evidence that as many as 30%… Read More One direction only

Pro-life albatross

After the jubilant and hard-won victory of the Dobbs decision, which allowed states to rule in favor of unborn humans, the conservative side of politics is finding itself in unfamiliar terrain. Writing at Daily Caller, Grayson Quay lays out the quandary facing Republicans: “Ease up on abortion, or go all-in on a (probably futile) bid for minority rule.” After a… Read More Pro-life albatross

Disturbing the disturbed

Champion swimmer Riley Gaines, who has been quite fearless in her defense of biological sex, was attacked by a male trans activist while speaking at a women’s event. San Francisco University, which hosted the event praised students for “protesting peacefully”. No charges have been laid.    In Canada, Billboard Chris, a father who engages strangers in conversations about the dangers… Read More Disturbing the disturbed

Night shift

Attorney General Merrick Garland has been grilled by Republican lawmakers at a special hearing over the FBI response to attacks on pro-life centers. Senator Mike Lee asked if anything besides politics could explain the lack of prosecutions. The AG said it’s hard for the Bureau to find the perpetrators since those criminals usually work at night and are… Read More Night shift