Choose life

Have you ever paused to wonder how many things we do that seem completely normal to us are, in fact, great evil?  This is one of the mysteries of the human condition: we are terribly effective justifiers. We can make excuses for anything, especially once we have already done it. We are marvelously wicked in… Read More Choose life


Ignorance is not love. Willful ignorance of what is happening to your neighbor is hatred for your neighbor. Apathy toward evil, even in the name of “obedience,” is participation in that evil. You cannot stop all the evils in the world. You cannot change the course of history by yourself. It is not your job… Read More Hate


I recently heard someone say that the following six things matter more than anything else right now: Parents’ rights Medical freedom Secure borders Election integrity Energy independence Freedom of speech on the internet Which of these is a spiritual issue, and which of them is not? Which ones matter to Christians because we are Christians,… Read More Silence


I don’t want to believe that the global elites are cruel enough to engineer a mass population decrease in the name of saving the planet. It’s just getting harder and harder for me to only believe what I want to believe. If you study the transhumanist spirit, if you listen to the environmentalist “Wolf!” crying,… Read More Depopulation