Show your work

De-bunking, the joy of fact-checkers and know-it-alls everywhere, is so two weeks ago. NBC News says that the new thing is “pre-bunking”. While the term may trigger thoughts of media bias and censorship – “that post has been removed” – it is actually something quite different.  Researchers from Cambridge University wanted to explain “in simple, nonpartisan language some of the most common… Read More Show your work

Dragged into the light

At Mad Mondays, we’ve gathered quite a lot of evidence to show that the sexual revolutionaries are determined to recruit children. Or lie trying. Libs of TikTok, a social media account, consistently shows the insanity of progressive ideologues by re-posting their own words verbatim. For her trouble, the account’s owner Chaya Raichik has been pilloried by corporate media and banned by… Read More Dragged into the light

Online Privacy tips from our Mad readers

Security online is a somewhat tenuous and ever-shifting problem that may be difficult tomanage or navigate. However, there are tools that can help. Since there are no perfect toolsthat keep you safe, nothing can substitute good, common-sense approaches. For instance,don’t open attachments or links from emails or texts you don’t 100% know are legitimate(unless you… Read More Online Privacy tips from our Mad readers

Minority report

Many meltdowns were over the charge that Twitter would become the Wild West of Hate and Misinformation, but Musk has clarified that he defines free speech as letting people speak within the bounds of the law. However, laws can be changed.  In a strangely-timed announcement, Homeland Security said it was setting up a disinformation governance board. Dubbed the “Ministry… Read More Minority report