A fifth column

News out of California last week..San Francisco District Attorney, Chesa Boudin was ousted from his post in a recall election. Left-leaning media blamed the result on fear-mongering and buckets of cash given by businesses. Some suggested that the long Republican tenure through recent history had made the state too conservative to know progress when it sees it.  Boudin comes… Read More A fifth column


Ignorance is not love. Willful ignorance of what is happening to your neighbor is hatred for your neighbor. Apathy toward evil, even in the name of “obedience,” is participation in that evil. You cannot stop all the evils in the world. You cannot change the course of history by yourself. It is not your job… Read More Hate


Reporting last week suggested that Ukrainian fighters have successfully reclaimed suburbs of Kyiv, formerly captured by Russia. Russian officials said they are drawing back from the capital in a “goodwill gesture” as negotiations continue. The Ukrainian government is skeptical of the Russian retreat as reports of atrocities against civilians are emerging. Russia has accused Ukraine of blowing up an oil… Read More Retreat?