Two weeks ago, the Fisks had a long discussion about grief on Stop The White Noise, noting that bereavement hits people differently and comes in many forms. A number of comments and letters we received indicated that people truly appreciated the open conversation and the acknowledgement that grief is never “one and done” – it lasts a long… Read More Overemotional

A red menace

In what is an unusual move for President Biden, he delivered a speech last week. The optics were pretty wild, (ICYMI) with deep red lighting which some compared to the theatrics of the Third Reich. CNN questioned the presence of Marines during a political address. While the President’s speech contained calls to unite and fight for the “soul”… Read More A red menace


Episcopal minister and author David Zahl once quipped that the only way to sell sleep to Americans is to tell them it will help them work. It’s likely Americans aren’t the only ones that would fall for such a pitch. But even with the change of pace that the pandemic and its attendant lockdowns brought… Read More Rest

Satanic curses

It has been one year since American troops withdrew from Afghanistan. Taliban soldiers marked the day with celebrations and declared a public holiday. Afghanistan has largely returned to life as a Muslim nation with women and girls banned from school and required to wear the burqa. With the assassination of Al-Qaeda’s leader in Kabul last month, it would seem that the… Read More Satanic curses