Spiritual problems, spiritual solutions

The USA continues to be rocked by shootings, Tulsa, Philly, and Chattanooga, and what is sadly a fairly normal weekend in Chicago. Pastor Wolfmueller spoke about mass shootings on Issues, Etc. and crystalized some wisdom about evil, grieving, humility. Pastor Wolfmueller points out that encountering evil in this world is a call for each of us to repent, recognising the things… Read More Spiritual problems, spiritual solutions

Chilling effect

Music is one of those First-Article gifts that we know is of special interest to many of our readers. It has the wonderful quality of being bland in its ubiquity while also containing complexities and mysteries which lure some to spend a lifetime studying it.  Music can cause lumps in throats, tears or laughter, but neuroscientists… Read More Chilling effect

Deeds done in the dark

A non-profit watchdog claims that Francis Collins, Anthony Fauci and other staff at the National Institutes of Health were given millions of dollars in “secret” royalties, according to the Epoch Times. Francis Collins is also taking heat for spinning the University of Pittsburg’s use of baby parts. Mad Mondays wrote about the UP’s diabolical “fetal chop shop” and readers may… Read More Deeds done in the dark