Sticking to the narrative

What is it with climate activists gluing themselves to artworks? Two protestors in Italy were unceremoniously bounced out of a gallery after they stuck their hands to a Botticelli painting.  Well, they may not have to protest much longer, with the Biden administration seemingly bent on doing away with fossil fuel use. So buy an electric car already! Just don’t ask where the… Read More Sticking to the narrative

Beef anti-trust

The Counter has examined government efforts to boost competition in the meat industry. Currently four large companies control the majority of meat production in the US. Counter also dive into trends in farmland consolidation and what that means for water rights. The Department of Agriculture has come under fire for recent changes to its labelling rules. Genetically-modified ingredients will fall under the term “bioengineered.”

Rare steak with a side of soft power

Mad Monday readers will no doubt be aware of the trend for everything “plant-based.” Influential recipe and food site, Epicurious announced last week that it will no longer publish beef recipes. The New York Times reported that a soon-to-be-released document from the UN is expected to recommend targeting methane emissions as “particularly valuable in the short-term fight against climate change.” One reporter outlines how… Read More Rare steak with a side of soft power