Sticking to the narrative

What is it with climate activists gluing themselves to artworks? Two protestors in Italy were unceremoniously bounced out of a gallery after they stuck their hands to a Botticelli painting.  Well, they may not have to protest much longer, with the Biden administration seemingly bent on doing away with fossil fuel use. So buy an electric car already! Just don’t ask where the… Read More Sticking to the narrative

Green and mean

Strange things are afoot in the world of climate alarmism. Faced with massive energy shortages as Russia threatens to further cut supply, the European Union voted last week to include natural gas and nuclear power on their list of sustainable activities. Activists were critical of the move, saying it smacks of “dirty politics” and continues to fill Putin’s… Read More Green and mean

The insurrection will be televised

The United Nations has warned that millions of people worldwide are “accutely food insecure”, according to The Guardian. The talking heads blame Russia’s blockade of wheat and also fertilizer, but perhaps they have not been looking outside their bubble?  Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister declared his country to be bankrupt saying the economy has “completely collapsed”. There is plenty of… Read More The insurrection will be televised

The driving force

The Federalist recently hosted a fascinating conversation on agency and horsepower. Dr. Matthew Mehan of Hillsdale College relayed his concerns over President Biden’s provision for kill-switches in new cars. From the Cajun Navy to Canada’s trucker convoy, Dr. Mehan spoke about how owning a vehicle and using it responsibly is not something that the government should be able to override… Read More The driving force

Drawing down

The House has approved another stopgap round of funding to keep the government ticking over until March and prevent a shutdown. The measure was needed as lawmakers continue to butt heads over spending money approved in the President’s infrastructure bills.  For now, $5BN will be used to build fast charging stations “every 50 miles” for electric vehicles. The Vice… Read More Drawing down