Rare steak with a side of soft power

Mad Monday readers will no doubt be aware of the trend for everything “plant-based.” Influential recipe and food site, Epicurious announced last week that it will no longer publish beef recipes. The New York Times reported that a soon-to-be-released document from the UN is expected to recommend targeting methane emissions as “particularly valuable in the short-term fight against climate change.” One reporter outlines how… Read More Rare steak with a side of soft power

Money does grow on trees

BlackRock, one of the world’s largest financial companies has been throwing its considerable weight around in recent months. The company, which manages around $7 trillion worth of global investments (transport, tech, healthcare, logistics, airlines…) is all on-board with the Great Reset.  The directors have advised that they are putting companies on notice who aren’t showing enough… Read More Money does grow on trees