Deep in the heart of Texas

Pro-abortion activists are not taking pro-life legislation in Texas very well at all. Corporations were quick to show their support for “women’s health,” pledging to pay legal fees for anyone found violating the law. The Department of Justice has also announced that it is suing Texas for violating constitutional rights.  The usual absurdities arose from Twitter’s death eaters, with… Read More Deep in the heart of Texas

Calling good evil

Mad reader, Golgatha shared an article with Us The Chill Discord, which highlights the rise of anti-natalist movements. While the doomsday book “The Population Bomb” has proven to be grossly mistaken in its prediction that great swathes of humanity would starve as the population exploded, Malthusian ideas have consequences. Today, though the reasons may be different, a strange confluence of… Read More Calling good evil


We reported earlier this year about the military’s embrace of the ideals of Progressivism. Rather than focusing on lethality, the armed forces seem distracted over ensuring women and transgender soldiers are in their ranks, meeting racial diversity quotas, developing maternity flight suits and snuffing out “domestic” terrorism. Peachy Keenan has written for the American Mind saying that many servicemen are afraid to… Read More Military