Trouble in Turkey

Turkey is feeling the pinch of inflation, with the lira losing almost 50% of its value last year. President Erdogan tinkered with things and it helped briefly, but prices are rising. A government move to make bread more affordable has backfired, and a state-run energy agency has raised its prices by 125% according to Daily Wire. After cracking down on cryptocurrency, President Erdogan’s… Read More Trouble in Turkey

Do try to keep up

New record inflation is giving pause to the Democrats’ plan to spend lots of money. Not the Bee noticed that Twitter was doing its darndest to distract from reality, but the toothpaste is out of the tube. When Leftist media start reporting that inflation hurts people and is racist, you know the tide has turned! President Biden has withdrawn Saule Omarova as his pick for a Treasury… Read More Do try to keep up

In God we trust

Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey has tweeted out a rosy prediction that “hyperinflation” is coming. ZeroHedge seems to agree, noting jitters in money markets. They report that the Reserve Bank of Australia shocked traders after refusing to buy a two-year bond. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen conceded that inflation will continue for a while, but should level out around the middle of… Read More In God we trust

Payin’ the bills

The value of Bitcoin surged after rumors circulated that Amazon was considering accepting purchases in the cryptocurrency. After Amazon said they weren’t planning such a change in the near future, Bitcoin dropped, but is expected to recover soon. A crypto expert has tweeted that the infrastructure bill being considered by Congress could “sink the American crypto industry.” It could… Read More Payin’ the bills