A warning shot

A European drug safety committee is looking into how Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations are affecting women’s menstrual cycles. While the regulator is still saying there is no reason to suspect that vaccines affect fertility, the investigation has been re-opened after a spate of reports of issues following the vax.  Elsewhere, Pfizer appears to be anticipating some… Read More A warning shot

Not even a paper tiger

The “no jab, no job” juggernaut continued last week, with layoffs in many businesses, as we reported. But could it all be a fiction? Joy Pullman wrote at The Federalist that President Biden’s vaccine mandate is just a press release and has no real authority. Her piece is well worth reading and considering. While the Biden administration is threatening “dishonorable discharge” for… Read More Not even a paper tiger

Exit Wounds

Last week saw the final American soldier leave Afghanistan and the Taliban were glad to see him go. The future there is uncertain but with its troubled history of serial regime change, it would seem that for many Afghans, it’s business as usual. Lots of questions remain unanswered, including the claim that the US military knew of one of… Read More Exit Wounds

Threats, real and imagined

Homeland Security has issued a warning about a vague terror threat after a “rise in anti-government sentiment”. Here’s NBC’s summary (13 minute mark): opposition to COVID measures, and claims there was election fraud represent a potential terror threat. After the recent withdrawal of remaining foreign troops in Afghanistan, the Taliban has quickly moved to take the country for their… Read More Threats, real and imagined


We reported earlier this year about the military’s embrace of the ideals of Progressivism. Rather than focusing on lethality, the armed forces seem distracted over ensuring women and transgender soldiers are in their ranks, meeting racial diversity quotas, developing maternity flight suits and snuffing out “domestic” terrorism. Peachy Keenan has written for the American Mind saying that many servicemen are afraid to… Read More Military