We’ll take it from here

Our readers will be aware that schools are complicit in pushing children into the transgendering pipeline, saturating curriculum with propaganda, and hiding their actions from families. But Alvin Lui from Courage is a Habit warns that school counselors are also playing an outside role in creating an “affirming” culture in schools, especially by redefining two terms: safe and abuse.… Read More We’ll take it from here

Modest gains

Utah has passed a modest bill which prohibits medical professionals from prescribing hormone treatment to children. The bill also directs the state’s HHS to review medical evidence of such treatments. In Virginia, a bill known as “Sage’s Law” would require schools to let parents know if their child is being treated as the opposite sex at school. The story behind… Read More Modest gains

Mail-order death

The fight against abortion will never be done, as Mad Christians know well. The FDA last week scrapped the “in-person” requirement for purchasing abortion pills. This means abortion drugs can be sent by mail. The dangers of “medical abortion” to mothers are well-documented but downplayed by the Abortion Industrial Complex. “Self-managed” abortions account for 40% of abortions according to the CDC.… Read More Mail-order death