Word games

We at Mad Mondays don’t know a lot about the model Chrissy Teigen, but she seems to know how to grab headlines. Teigen and husband John Legend tragically lost their baby son to a second-trimester miscarriage in 2020. But during an interview last week, Teigen said it wasn’t really a miscarriage: “Let’s just call it what it was. It was an abortion.… Read More Word games


The strong do what they will. The weak do what they must. – Thucydides  Ukraine is an engineered distraction. The one-sided nature and macro-economic-lockstep-talking-point propaganda makes this clear. This does not mean that there is not a real bombing of Kharkiv. It does not mean that innocent civilian populations are not having their livelihoods decimated. It… Read More Schwerpunkt

Hide yo’ kids

Not the Bee broke the news that the San Francisco Gay Mens’ Choir had released what it called a “satirical” song titled “A Message from the Gay Community.” The lyrics say: “We’re coming for your children, it happens bit by bit, we’ll convert your children and you won’t even notice it.” The video was ratio’d and also pulled from a number of sites, as… Read More Hide yo’ kids