Surprised by forgiveness

As the church year flowed into the season of Lent, we remembered a long essay, written last year in Comment magazine. Writer Joseph Keegin details his journey, searching for a way to forgive his belligerent and abusive father. After pouring through Greek philosophers, Stoics and even Eastern religions, Keegin concluded that theories about forgiveness always involved selfish motivations.… Read More Surprised by forgiveness

Wander and wonder

Harvard Business Review has written about the benefits of “awe”, “The wonder we feel when we encounter something powerful that we can’t easily explain.” Well, Mad Christians have that in spades. HBR suggests that wonder helps put our woes in perspective, inspires “pro-social” behavior, and increases resilience.  The writer suggests taking an “awe walk”, wandering outside and taking time to… Read More Wander and wonder