The leak

The leak has been described as “unprecedented” by just about everyone, and could undermine the trust between the Justices, and their staff. Leaking such a document would effectively end one’s legal career, but if it was intended to reinvigorate flagging interest in President Biden’s agenda, then it almost seems that a lot of folks were in… Read More The leak

Blind spots

President Biden repeated his mantra that COVID is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. Whether he truly believes that or is using fear as a way of controlling people’s behavior is not clear. However, the amount of changes in messaging lately makes us wonder. During hearings for arguments against the President’s vaccine mandate, Justice Sotomayor made the wild claim that 100,000… Read More Blind spots

All rise

The SCOTUS has a lot on its plate. The court handed down opinion on Texas abortion law, allowing the ban to stand, but giving room for challengers to bring lawsuits against it. While the ruling is not a clear win for life, a Mississippi abortion ban case, also before the Court, will test Roe vs Wade more directly.  The Daily Signal… Read More All rise