Swimming against the tide

Swimming GOAT, Michael Phelps, weighed in on current controversies over transgendered athletes, saying that sports should be held on even playing field. Swimmer Lia Thomas, a biological male, was recently bested by Iszac Henig, a biological female who is “transitioning to male”, although some are convinced it was a set up to throw off critics. The confusion typified in the sexual… Read More Swimming against the tide

It’s life, but not as they know it

Protests over Texas’ efforts to protect unborn humans were held last week, with Senator Susan Collins calling the restrictions on abortion “inhumane.”  The white noise is so full of this kind of language that people are inoculated against the stomach-turning idea that it is. Yet, this is where we are— killing babies is seen as humane. But while convenience is the order… Read More It’s life, but not as they know it


We reported earlier this year about the military’s embrace of the ideals of Progressivism. Rather than focusing on lethality, the armed forces seem distracted over ensuring women and transgender soldiers are in their ranks, meeting racial diversity quotas, developing maternity flight suits and snuffing out “domestic” terrorism. Peachy Keenan has written for the American Mind saying that many servicemen are afraid to… Read More Military