(Part 16 in the multipart series “Where We Stand”) The pagans built a machine for brainwashing us. Living in such sci-fi is beyond the grasp of many. So unbelievable is the obvious reality that well-meaning Christians can become quite angry at you for daring to point it out. But there are no bones about it.… Read More Revival


I recently heard someone say that the following six things matter more than anything else right now: Parents’ rights Medical freedom Secure borders Election integrity Energy independence Freedom of speech on the internet Which of these is a spiritual issue, and which of them is not? Which ones matter to Christians because we are Christians,… Read More Silence

Weighed, measured and found wanting

An astonishing article was published by Daily Wire, (here for free) detailing the ways high-profile Evangelical leaders helped spread government messages about vaccinations and COVID restrictions. Allowing National Institutes of Health director, Francis Collins to co-opt their influence and commandeer their pulpits, Christians in large evangelical denominations were told they were loving their neighbors by getting vaccinated and… Read More Weighed, measured and found wanting