Deep work

What does Google think? While internet searches have proven a valuable tool for sourcing information quickly, a new piece at Big Think warns that Googling is not thinking. That may sound obvious, especially if all your thoughts are organised Rev Fisk-style in boxes of 3 x 5 cards! But critical thinking expert Ozan Varol writes that algorithms… Read More Deep work


There have been few things that have impacted my life so deeply as becoming a Son of Solomon. It doesn’t take much. Just pray 9 psalms a day, read one proverb a day, and carry a crucifix and a Bible with you. That’s it. It’s not an oath. It’s not magic. It’s a discipline. You… Read More SOS

Expect it

The majority of the public are illiterate and cannot grasp what is happening. The failure of international order, the destructive assault on our psychology, the indoctrination via propaganda and education, systems of power and control, the morphing of free society into a security paradigm, the softening of once brave peoples into trembling ghettos of fear,… Read More Expect it

Arrows in the hand of a warrior

Mad Mondays readers are well aware of the pitfalls in America’s education system. Two years of remote learning have revealed many problems that were flying under the radar. Parents are more aware of what is going on inside their children’s classrooms and are more willing to fight for what they believe.  But Progressives, especially in the academy, continue… Read More Arrows in the hand of a warrior